Monday, August 19, 2013

The Cube

This is a general description of the story of the Cube. Come on! We can create together the story of this mysterious cube:

Dr. John Vernemov worked in a technology company called Golem-ko, working together with his master and mentor, Dr. Ozaki Ozu, in making a teleportation machine. The machine does not work.

John withdraws from Quisoftikus, in principle, after the death of Ozu in a car accident, and because the machine was to be used for industrial espionage and as a weapon of war to invade other countries, and no for tourism.

John discovers that Dr. Ozu managed to run the machine and to travel through space-time; but Ozu is murdered. Vernemov knows that the secret of all is a white cube. He wants to destroy the machine, but is discovered. The machine explodes and scientist travels in space-time. In Quisoftikus believe John dies.

The cube is an object that is present in the films and the characters wish it, because it has powers.

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