Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Who is Dr. Vernemov?

This is a general description of the Dr. John Vernemov. Come on! We can create together the story of this character:

Dr. John Vernemov is a scientist of 35 years old, who is in search of a mysterious cube. He has a cybernetic device in the brain that helps you understand and speak any language. He's athletic, has short hair, no congenital defects, not wears glasses and has good health.

His temperament is calm, thoughtful, determined but cautious, witty, optimistic, he thinks before you act and he never seeks to hurt anyone's feelings intentionally. He's determined to get the cube, as long as nobody gets hurt. He cares so much for Humanity and, on several occasions, he will lose the cube for help others.

He's a faithful and trusty man. He's not married, hasn't children and hasn't close relatives. He had few girlfriends: really three and he gets along well with all of them. Currently he hasn't a loving relationship. His last relationship was with a co-worker, Janet Romero, computer engineer.

One reason for discussions with his girlfriends is his excessive dedication to study and work. The research is his passion and before space-time travel, he loved trips to different parts of the world. Most of the time because of labor issues.

He fears he can't get the cube and it'll be a disaster for Humanity.

He’s an only child. John's childhood was normal, but he had not many friends.

Before finishing school, his father loses job and John decides to work in secret, even though he knows that his father will not like. However, not enough money and the debts are stressful to his parents. So he decides to hack the system of a company, but is discovered by his father, who is disappointed in his son and John feels bad. Days later, John wins a full scholarship to study at one of the best universities in the world and want to surprise his parents who are on a business trip. He can not. The airplane, in which his parents come, crashes.

John has no close relatives.

Several years later, Vernemov is a respected scientist in Quisoftikus and is the right hand of Dr. Ozaki Ozu, who plans to make a teleportation machine. But something goes wrong.

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